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Leather Care

How to look after your new leather bag

Our Buckle & Seam bags are made with vegetable tanned leather, a natural and environment-friendly tanning process. As the leather naturally ages, your bag will develop a unique patina. Hence, every piece becomes truly unique.

Your new leather bag does not require any special treatment initially as it will be protected by the vegetable oils applied in our tannery. However, here are some tips to treat it well and keep it in ideal condition while its ageing.

Is my bag waterproof?

We wouldn’t recommend you to go diving with our satchels, but our bags can handle rain as oil naturally is a water repellent. Ideally the exposure to water should be minimal – but in case you catch a rainy day simply wipe the excess water from your satchel with a cloth and then let it dry off.

What happens to my bag after 6 – 12 months of use?

Your bag will have developed a unique patina and the leather might appear to feel a bit rougher. Most of our customers like exactly that feel, but if you want to give your bag a cleaner feel you can nourish your leather bag.

Can I remove the scratches on my bag?

You will notice that if you scratch the leather, marks can easily be removed by simply rubbing over the scratch with your finger or a cloth. If you have a deeper scratch we recommend you to apply colour neutral conditioner to the scratch area to protect your bag for future adventures.

Wax your bag leather

We recommend using neutral coloured wax for vegetable tanned leather by using a cloth and evenly applying it onto the bag. It is important that you use a cloth to apply the wax to avoid colour variations. Please note that you should only apply wax to your leather bag once or twice a year.

I want a darker coloured bag, what can I do?

Some of our team members love to modify the shade and patina of their leather with various conditioners and special creams. You can apply neutral coloured wax evenly all over your bag, let the magic happen. We recommend trying it at a hidden spot of your leather satchel bag so you can decide whether you like the change in patina.


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