Tired of trading yourself with your business clone on Monday mornings? We at Buckle & Seam believe you shouldn’t have to compromise your personal style Monday through Friday. That is why we propose raw, yet classy designs which you can personalise by choosing your own lining, and engraving your initials.


Our Bags are handmade in Pakistan in our own production facilities. We chose to acquire our own factory because we strive to uphold the highest standards for labor policies and working conditions for our artisans in order to afford them and their families the highest quality of life.

The leather we use is always hand selected to ensure that our bags are made of the highest quality cowhides, which are then vegetable tanned. Vegetable tanning is an old-world, artisanal process, where barks, branches, leaves and fruits are used to process and tan the leather across a period of months.

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“A brand with an ethos GQ can really get behind.”


Our offices are in Berlin, but our heart is in Pakistan, and our choice to work closely with the artisans there is far more than a business decision. Through living and working there for a year, we came to appreciate the raw talent of the country’s craftsmen, talent which has been passed down and refined for generations.

But, we also came to understand the challenges that the people of Pakistan face. By shopping with Buckle & Seam, you help change a girl’s life by funding her education. We feel strongly about empowering young women and girls in Pakistan, which is why we donate 3% of the revenue from each bag we sell to the Anum school for girls in Karachi.

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How are we able to give you premium leather bags at an affordable price? Here’s our secret: having our own manufacturing facilities, and our own designers! We have cut out all the unnecessary middle men who would otherwise raise the price unnecessarily. In doing so we can focus on what is most important: Creating leather bags of the highest quality, and serving the community of artisans who create them.


We are Jena, Marco, and Georg, and we met while working together in Pakistan. We quickly fell in love with the region, the culture, and it’s people, and became enthralled with Pakistans rich history of craftsmanship. When it was time to return to Germany, we couldn’t leave it all behind, and decided to start Buckle & Seam in order to share the talent, and the beautiful raw materials we found in Pakistan, with the rest of the world.

We feel lucky to work with the artisans we fostered relationships with while we lived in Karachi, and there is no denying that Buckle & Seams roots are planted deeply in the community there. For this reason, we feel strongly about giving back to the community that inspires us so much, and we donate a portion of the revenue from each bag to a Pakistani girls school. We are working everyday to create a free spirited, conscientious brand for free spirited, conscientious men.

Jena, Marco & Georg