Tired of trading yourself with your business clone on Monday mornings? We at Buckle & Seam believe you shouldn’t have to compromise your personal style Monday through Friday. That is why we propose raw, yet classy designs, with a choice of creative prints that you can personalize with your initials.


Our bags are produced in Pakistan, where we have acquired our own production facilities. Owning our own factories allows us set and uphold the highest standards for labour policies and working conditions. When it comes to our leather, we only use carefully selected premium cow leather. The skins are then processed through vegetable tanning – a slower and more environment-friendly tanning approach. Explore more about our production facilities & standards.

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“A brand with an ethos GQ can really get behind.”


Sourcing in Pakistan is a widespread practice amongst international brands, but for us it goes beyond business. Having lived and worked there for a year, we have a special bond with Pakistan. We have come to know and appreciate that it is a country full of talent and beautiful craftsmen, but we have also come to know the challenges it faces. By shopping with Buckle & Seam, you help change a girl’s life by sending her to school and empowering her through direct access to education. We feel so strongly about the need for the young girls in Pakistan to have access to education, we made it part of the core of our business. We donate 3% of the profit of each bag sold to a school we partnered with in Karachi.

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How are we able to give you premium leather bags at an affordable price? Here is our trick: having our own manufacturing facilities, along with an in house design team, and focussing on selling online, we are able to shorten our supply chain and cut out unnecessary players and middlemen that would otherwise raise the price unnecessarily. Doing this we can focus on the important factors: choosing the best leather and having the highest quality craftsmanship.


After working and traveling across the globe, we met in Pakistan and fell in love with the region. We encountered incredible people, traveled in enchanting landscapes and, most of all, discovered Pakistan’s rich craftsmanship and fashion heritage. We believe this country’s talents should be promoted proudly as well as the quality of the raw materials that can be found here. Further do to the connections we made during our time in Pakistan we saw the possibility to work closely with family tanneries and highly skilled manufacturers, which were key factors in our decision  to pursue our dream of creating fashionable leather bags. Our goal was not just to produce our bags and leave without looking back. Our vision is to produce high-end quality bags at affordable prices thanks to a shortened supply chain and be transparent about it. In order to create a positive impact in Pakistan that goes beyond employment, we chose to donate a part of each bag sold to a Pakistani school that promotes girls education. We believe that Buckle & Seam is a free spirited brand for free spirited men.